The purpose of the Foundation is humanitarian charity, non-profit, non-political. The Foundation was established, recognized and registered in Albania, on the 8 th of May 2012, by Crown Princess Elia under the applicable law in accordance to the Tirana district court.

The Queen Geraldine Foundation was founded in 2012 by Crown Princess Elia of the Albanians with the goal of helping underserved communities in Albania reach their full potential and create a better future. Our aim is to provide vulnerable and disadvantaged communities and individuals’ access to health care, education, safety and vocational training and other sustainable solutions that support and improve their livelihoods.
  • Provide restoration projects for public schools and specialized health centers for children.
  • Provide humanitarian support to families in greatest need and for orphans and children in need;
  • Design and facilitate the implementation of projects for the protection of all vulnerable social groups; hospitals; families in poverty and the elderly;
  • Development of promotional activities to disseminate contemporary ideas for the protection of human rights, representing the interests of all social groups;
  • Conduct educational and informative activities including: social and educational activities for children.
  • Seek provisions and distribution of essential aid including clothing, food, basic medicine, household appliances, tools and other items necessary for the daily life ofany family or institution including schools and hospitals.


   Our Ethos Mission

Goals are to give the gift of education, health care, and a brighter
life to people most in need. We strive to reduce inequalities in the Albanian region
and work toward a fairer and more compassionate world. We trust that communities
can be lifted out of poverty and that change is possible. We believe in the well-being
of every individual, regardless of race, gender, class, or any other classification is
Rooted in the ideal of compassion in action, we serve others with joy and
determination, by cultivating altruism in our hearts and actions.



We believe that building on local strengths and knowledge is the most efficient way to
respond to the specific needs and aspirations of our beneficiaries.
Our development strategy is based on active community participation, women’s
empowerment, and the preservation of local natural resources, expertise, and culture.
To implement this strategy, we aim to work with a network of grassroots organizations and
partners as well as local teams of experienced professionals.



The Queen Geraldine Foundation was founded on the 8 th of May 2012 by Crown Princess
Elia to continue the work which was accomplished by the Albanian Royal Family during and
after their reign.
The Queen Geraldine Foundation is fittingly named after the much loved and respected wife
of King Zog I.  Her Majesty Queen Geraldine worked tirelessly to improve the welfare of the
Albanian people.
Queen Geraldine contributed to the building of hospitals, asylums and orphanages, and the
first maternity clinic in Tirana. Queen Geraldine was also fully committed to the promotion
of women’s rights and emancipation.
King Zog’s sister Princess Sanije was the founder and President of the Albanian Red Cross,
established October 4 th 1921. The Albanian Red Cross during the nineteen twenties and
thirties was instrumental in providing the first humanitarian aid in country.
Queen Susan during her years in exile founded her own foundation, registered in the United
State of America, which was active in the mobilization of aid and medical support to Albania
from 1991 onwards.

Our Team

Alma Mulaj
Alma Mulaj
Sebije Elezi
Sebije Elezi
Elvana Zhezha
Elvana Zhezha
Jonida Capo
Jonida Capo
Ledia Kostandini
Ledia Kostandini

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Elia is the President of the Queen Geraldine Foundation and has an effective collaborative team of international supporters, local professionals, grassroots partners, and volunteers whom share the same goals. The foundation team will continue to fund, initiate and manage over humanitarian and development projects in Albania.
As the foundation develops the aim is to expand the field teams which can work within local communities so to identify and implement projects guided by their needs and objectives. Our Foundation is committed to financial transparency, community engagement, and accurate reporting.
The development board, chaired by the foundation president holds frequent meetings and may communicate with the branches and those volunteers working on the ground. The board selects and approves new projects in line with the mission statement; to ensure accountability and proper organizational functionality. The board members as of September 2021 are: Mrs Alma Mulaj, Ms. Elvana Zhezha, Mrs Sebije Elezi, Mrs Ledia Kostandini and Miss Jonida Capo.